Did this Siberian unicorn walked the earth with humans?

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The answer

Pendulum World wrote on 6th of February 2020
Yes, it did !


Pendulum World wrote on 14th of March 2020
They lived until 40,000BC.


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The story

Elasmotherium is an extinct genus of large rhinoceros endemic to Eurasia during the Late Pliocene through the Pleistocene, existing from 2.6 Ma to at least as late as 39,000 years ago in the Late Pleistocene. A more recent date of 26,000 BP is considered less reliable.
Three species are recognised. The best known, E. sibiricum, known as the Siberian unicorn, was the size of a mammoth and is thought to have borne a large, thick horn on its forehead. Theories about the function of this horn include defense against predators, attracting mates, driving away competitors, sweeping snow from the grass in winter, and digging for water and plant roots. Like all rhinoceroses, elasmotheres were herbivorous. Unlike any other rhinos, its high-crowned molars were ever-growing. Its legs were longer than those of other rhinos and were adapted for galloping, giving it a horse-like gait.


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