Lay this Peruvian monument, engraved with fangs, ornate swirls, hidden for 2,000 years?


Asked on 2020-01-31 14:30:45

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The answer

Pendulum World wrote on 31st of January 2020
Yes, it was. But it is no monument, it is part of a temple.


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The story

A sprawling, stone monument decorated with swirls, circular patterns and godly fangs has been hiding in a remote jungle in northern Peru for around 2,000 years.
Though the locals knew of the monolith's existence — and a few explorers who visited the region had noted the structure — it wasn't until recently that researchers were able to investigate it in-depth. And now, they've created a highly detailed 3D scan of the stunning structure.
The images and patterns are so abstract and ornate, they are hard to describe in words. However, the researchers said the two fangs engraved into the stone come from a deity that archaeologists call a 'feline feathered figure.'


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