Did the first humans came from Africa?

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The answer

20579537 wrote on 16th of November 2017
No They didn't.


20579537 wrote on 29th of November 2017
The first humans came out of South America.


20579537 wrote on 29th of November 2017
There is already evidence in south america for this.


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The story

Several expansions of populations of archaic humans (genus Homo) out of Africa and throughout Eurasia took place in the course of the Lower Paleolithic, and into the beginning Middle Paleolithic, between about 2.1 million and 0.2 million years ago (Ma). These expansions are collectively known as Out of Africa I, in contrast to the expansion of Homo sapiens (anatomically modern humans) into Eurasia, which may have begun shortly after 0.2 million years ago (known in this context as 'Out of Africa II').


source text and image : https://en.wikipedia.org (*) Lines marked in red are not the truth.

Video source : https://www.youtube.com


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