Is Dudleytown, the village of the damned, really cursed?


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The answer

Pendulum World wrote on 15th of June 2020
No, it is not !


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The story

Dudleytown is an abandoned settlement in northwestern Connecticut in the United States, best known today as a ghost town. Due to vandalism and trespassers, the site is not open to the public.
Since the mid-1920s, the land occupied by the village has been maintained by philanthropists as a private land trust, who worked to reforest the land after decades of agricultural use. Few traces, such as cellar holes, remain of the original village. Due to rumors of ghost activity beginning in the 1980s, the village site has been subject to frequent vandalism, and the owners have since closed the land to the public. Visitors to the site are subject to arrest for trespassing.


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