Do the Nephilim exist?


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Pendulum World wrote on 6th of January 2020
No, they don't.


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The Rand Corporation document also provides an example of a detailed UFO report developed by the University together with a Colorado study group. According to the report, the power elites have such a mystifying and mind-blowing secret that they are doing all they can to keep it hidden from the public eye. We recommend that you watch the video below in its entirety in order to understand what Rand’s document actually is. In fact, the video below contains significant information and illustrates the top-secret documentation prepared by the RAND Corporation. In it the existence of UFOs and beings from other worlds is openly admitted. The video released in 2014 shows this information, and will reveal the existence of ET spaceships belonging to the Semitic people (the Nephilim) and is something that should surely be watched and shared. Rand Corporation documents can be found below:


(*) Lines marked in red are not the truth.

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