Questions about : Science

All those breakthroughs, are they for real? What is the truth about all those inventions?


Does a black hole really exist?
Is the universe expanding faster than expected?
Is the big bang theory correct?
Will there be a mini ice age around 2030?
Will the melting arctic permafrost release tons of toxic mercury?
Does this plasma-powered 100,000 MPH rocket engine reduces the Mars travel time to half?
Is the sahara dessert the driest place on earth?
Does a dowser work?
Has this underwater world been hidden below ice for 120,000 years?
Is the pando dying?
Is the moon a frozen leftovers from earth's ancient magma ocean?
Will 2018 be a bad year for earthquakes?
Are there 11 planets in our solar system?
Did life arise on earth?
Is the bottom of the ocean sinking?
Can the pendulum predict the future?
Is it true that this animal doesn't need oxygen to survive?
Is the burying of nuclear waste in Finland the best way to handle nuclear waste?
Is it possible to open a portal to a parallel universe?
Is the oldest ice on earth hiding 1.5 miles beneath Antartica?
Does electrical stimulation makes old brains act as young brains again?
Was Tesla correct that electric power can be broadcasted?
Do the present And the future exist simultaneously?
Did the extreme heat of the eruption of mount Vesuvius 'turned man's brain to glass'?
Does this 40,000-year-old tree shows what happened during earth’s last magnetic pole reversal?
Did Marconi really invented the radio?
Does the law of attraction really works?
Did the NASA Probe discovered the source of solar winds?
Is Yaravirus brasiliensi a completely new type of virus?
Is there really a problem with ocean warmings?
Is yellow the actual color of our sun?
Is it true that the North Pole is moving from canada towards russia at 60 km per year?
Is it true that this is the oldest known material on earth that is oficially older than the Solar System ?
Are oil and gas fossil fuels?
Did a huge meteorite smashed into Earth nearly 800,000 years ago?
Is Congo the deepest river on earth?
Can some fungi use radiation for growth?
Will the Solar Orbiter mission be a very successfull mission?
Is this billion-year-old green algae an ancestor of all plants on Earth?
Is the Germ theory of Louis Pasteur correct?
Can a potato battery light up a room for over a month?
Is the mystery of the weird hum heard around the world solved?
Do lie detectors actually work?
Does African DNA holds mysterious human species DNA?
Can quantum cognition predict human behavior?
Does hypnosis work?
Will NASA succeed in fixing Voyager 2 from 11.5 billion miles away?
Does a white hole exist?
Is telepathic communication possible between humans?
Is the Japanese alphabet based on ancient Hebrew?
is water magnetic?
Did Nikola Tesla gathered concepts from Swami Vivekananda?
Is corona - covid-19 really a virus?
Is the Fukang meteorite really 4.5 billion years old?
Does covid-19 / corona attacks the placenta during pregnancy?