Questions about : Extraterrestrials

Are they for real? Do they live among us? Are they on the moon? Let us learn about them !


Is Oumuamua an Alien Probe or Galactic Driftwood?
Do extraterrestrials exist?
Is the WOW! signal true or fake?
Is there an alien spaceship here on earth?
Did the Navy airmen Cmdr. David Fravor and Lt. Cmdr. Jim Slaight witness alien spaceships?
Has the Hypatia stone been formed before our own sun did?
Is there life on Ross 128?
Is there life on TRAPPIST-1
Did NASA lied about the moonlandings?
Are there glaciers on Mars?
Is the mysterious star KIC 8462852 home of an advanced civilization?
Is there a giant hole in the Martian atmosphere that is venting all its water into space?
What is not true about Kepler-90?
Is there a mysterious deep space object that sends signals to Earth every 16 days?
Did they recovered an alien craft in Arizona’s Paradise Valley?
Is it true that scientists found breathable oxygen in another Galaxy?
Is Sitchin correct – Is Nibiru a twelfth planet that passes through our solar system every 3600 years? Did the Sumerians know this?
Is there a base on the dark side of the moon?
Are there permanently living humans on the moon?
Is there evidence found of an extra-terrestrial spaceship while exploring ancient shipwrecks beneath the Bermuda Triangle?
Did this huge, mysterious ‘monster’ galaxy suddenly went dark?
Is there life on TOI-700D?
Do the Nephilim exist?
Was there ever life on Mars?
Did the Dogon tribe had contact with a highly developed civilisation?
Could invisible aliens really exist among us?
Is Olympus Mons the heighest mountain on Mars?
Was this storm of strange radio bursts which emerges from deep space real or fake?
Will Mankind face deadly viruses in search of new life in space?
Came the mysterious signal in a neighboring galaxy from aliens?
Is there alien life on Jupiter's moon Europa?
Is there strong UFO activity around these volcanoes?
Is Carmeltazite an extraterrestrial mineral?
Are there active volcanoes on Venus?
Is it true that there will be an alien invasion before 2025?
Is this really an UFO in the Baltic Sea?
Is there really life on venus?
Do plasma aliens exist?
Is the Hoba meteorite really the largest meteorite on earth?
Are the Pitoni Sky Stones from our earth?