Questions about : Mysteries

Mystic places, killers, ghosts, ... Are they real? Let us find out !


Is rongorongo real of fake?
Is the Roswell incident true or fake?
Is time traveling possible?
Do the Men in Black really exist?
Are the Olmec colossal heads real?
Is the Shugborough inscription real of fake?
Was the man with the Iron mask in Paris Bastille prison related to the French king Louis XIV?
Has Angela -Geli- Raubal been murdered?
Did the vampire of Venice really exist?
Are the predictions in horoscopes real?
Did the Alcatraz escapees survived the jailbreak in 1962?
Do the Beale cipher lead us to a buried treasure of gold, silver and jewels?
Is the UFO found on Scarborough moors real?
Was the crash of MH370 an intentional act?
Does The Flying Dutchman really exists?
Is 666 the number of the beast?
Is there anything special about the Bermunda triangle?
Does the bigfoot exist?
Where does the pendulum get its answers from?
Are the stone spheres of Costa Rica real?
Was the disappearance of Benjamin Bathurst true?
Was Operation Majestic 12 true of fake?
Does the Bunyip exist?
Is Noah really a time traveller from 2030?
Does the ogopogo exist?
Did The Valentich Incident really took place? And was there an UFO involved?
Did the Jersey devil really exist?
Does The Mothman exist or is it just a myth?
Does the Flatwood monster exist?
Is Global Warming real?
Did the Dover demon really exist?
Does the Chupacabra exist?
Does the owlman exist?
What’s the truth behind the 1995 alien autopsy video?
Does the sigbin exist?
Was the great Amherst mystery true?
Do the illuminati still exist?
Does the monster of Loch Ness exist or has it ever existed?
Does the champ monster exist?
Is the Taj Mahal really a mausoleum?
Did giants ever exist?
Is the legend of Kap Dwa real?
Did Edward Leedskalnin really build an anti-gravity machine?
Was the notre-dame de Paris fire an accident?
Is the hollow earth theory true?
Is the Marree Man, or Stuart's Giant, a modern geoglyph?
Does levitation exist?
Is this a real humpback whale that is found in the middle of the amazon rainforest?
Do the lizard people exist?
Did the nine hickers in the Dyatlov pass incident died of natural causes?
Are these the Devil’s footprints in Maine?
Do the skeletons in skeleton lake come from a group of people who were killed in a sudden, violent hailstorm in the 9th century?
Is it true that these seven sanctuaries are linked by a straight line?
Was the Philadelphia Experiment a hoax?
Is it a true story about the green children of Woolpit?
Is the eye of the sahara man-made?
Was there an explosion on the titanic that caused the boat to sink?
Have werewolfs ever existed?
Is the Moon Natural or Artificial?
Do vampires exist?
Is this really the skeleton of a giant discovered in Krabi cave?
Was Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot inspired by Belgian gendarme Jacques Joseph Hamoir?
Is the Rohonc Codex an illustrated manuscript book?
Did the lost colony of Roanoke moved and resettled on Hatteras Island?
Is this wheel really 300 millions years old?
Was the terracotta army really made as an after-life army to protect Emperor Qin Shi Huang?
Does the book of Soyga contains lost knowledge or is it fake?
Are there reptilians in the Vatican?
Is there a Yamashita treasure hidden in caves, tunnels, underground complexes, or just underground in the Philippines?
Does the book The Smithfield Decretals from Pope Gregory IX describes an imaginary world?
Does the hatman really exists?
Is Dudleytown, the village of the damned, really cursed?
Is there really a 4,500 year old stone monument found near Stonehenge?
Is this ice age settlement really the settlement confirm Heiltsuk oral tradition?