Questions about : Animals

Everything you want to ask about animals. We don't know them at all!


Is the frilled shark species really more then 80 million years old?
Is this polar bear suffering from the effects of Global Warming?
Is this Greenland shark really 500 years old?
Who was responsible for the cattle mutilation?
Why does a zebra has stripes?
Can dolphins really communicate with each other through a language?
Do chameleons change their skin color to blend into their background?
Are moths attracted to light?
Does the climate change turn 99.8% of these sea turtle babies into girls?
Is it true that microplastics pose major threat to whales and sharks?
Will the little bush moa be brought back from extinction?
Is climate change really causing walruses to jump off cliffs?
Will octopuses go blind as climate change sucks oxygen out of the ocean?
Are there foxes living in Antarctica?
Is a mysterious brain-eating killer the cause of the repeating stranding of sharks and rays in the San Francisco bay area?
Do ants live off urine on dry Australian island?
Are there animals that go extinct in the bushfires of Australia?
Will scientists succeed in preserving the near-extinct northern white rhino ?
are birds still considered to be true dinosaurs?
Do animals have souls like humans do?
Did this mule really killed a mountain lion to protect his family?
Is acid in the Pacific ocean eating away crabs' shells?
Did this Siberian unicorn walked the earth with humans?
Is it true that this cave salamander didn't move from the same spot for 7 years ?
Do dogs mourn the loss of an owner?