Questions about : Ancient world

Is the Ancient World really how it has been described in our history books?


Is the Piri Reis World Map real or is it fake?
Are the NAZCA lines real of fake?
Is the Voynich manuscript real of fake?
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Is rongorongo real of fake?
Is Stonehenge real or fake?
Did Atlantis exist?
Is the aluminium wedge of Aiud true of fake?
Is the massive Bosnian stone sphere from a lost civilization?
Are the Volgograd discs man-made?
Is this the oldest fossil ever found on earth?
Did captain Cook really discovered Australia?
Is the floating stond pond on a Mexican volcano a 1000 year old model of the universe?
Will the Roman temple of Mithras align with the Sun on Jesus Birthday?
Was Cahokia Mounds America's first city?
Did ancient farmers in China transformed one of Earth's driest deserts into farmland more than 1700 years ago?
Are the spider stones real?
Is the asteroid collision theory which states that the impact of an asteroid led to the extinction of the dinosaurs, the truth?
Did the Neanderthals resort to cannibalism due to Climate Change?
Was King David truly a powerful King?
Was There an Ancient Civilization in Antarctica?
Is the dead sea copper scroll an ancient treasure map of old Egypt?
Were there ancient visitors from Africa in America?
Is Yonaguni true or false?
Did 4 ancient civilizations existed on our planet before the human race?
Is this chariot with rider and horses really 2500 years old?
Is the Great pyramid of Cholula the largest pyramid ever build?
Did the Anunnaki exist?
Is this the largest underground city found in the world?
Is this the oldest sake brewery in Japan?
Is this 5000 year old Aboriginal cave painting a painting of Extraterestrials?
Is this Siberian princess tattoo really 2,500 year old?
Are the Sajama lines real or fake?
Is the Stone of the Pregnant Woman a Roman monolith?
Is this cave-art really 10.000 years old?
Was Ireland’s Egyptian Mummy stabbed to death?
Depicts the Dendera Light an electric light?
Is this really a Makara statue in Cambodia?
Was there an explosion in the great pyramid in antiquity?
Did the Australian fires reveal an ancient water system built long before the pyramids?
Did the Armenian Wheel of Eternity originates from the worship of the sun and the sky.
Is the ancient city of Aleppo one of the oldest cities on the surface of the planet?
Is this old Peruvian pyramid 5.000 years old.
Is the lost Anglo-Saxon abbey where Edgar the Peaceful was crowned 'the first King of all England' in 973AD unearthed in Bath?
Has ancient life escaped earth and journeyed to alien stars?
Are there never-before-seen viruses locked up in Tibetan glacier?
Lay this Peruvian monument, engraved with fangs, ornate swirls, hidden for 2,000 years?
Is this ancient Assyrian rock carving show a procession of Gods riding mythical animals?
Is this 5,000 year old Peruvian pyramid developed for ancient ceremonies and rituals?
Is this really an 3.200 years old Egyptian anchor?
Is it true that 37 Kilograms of Mica—used today in electronics—found in the ancient city of Teotihuacan?
Is this clay tablet a 5,500-year-old Sumerian star map?
Were the Yaghan people the first true discoverers of America?
Were the Pyramids Power Plants?
Is this Lady of Mali statue in Africa really 12,000 year old?
Is the London hammer really 400 million year old?
Is this 7,000-year-old wooden construction the Oldest on Earth?
Was Urukagina really from the 24th century before Christ?
Was this really a snake temple?
Was Chavín de Huántar a temple?
Are these ancient Puero Rico stones really carved with Hebrew writing?
Had this 3,000 year old mummy a knee surgery with a prosthetic pin?
Did Buddhist monks reach North America in 1350?
Is there a mysterious underground labyrinth of Egypt which holds secrets kept from the outside World?
Mummies Of Venzone: Will these ancient bodies never decompose?
Was there a reptile race on earth that lived like humans?
Did the dinosaurs go extinct 66 million years ago?
Did a huge asteroid impact caused the mass dinosaur extinction 66 million years ago?
Are these Bosnian pyramids real?
Are these 50,000 year old footprints really from Neanderthals ?
Did scientists really “revived” the genes of mammoths?
Are the Nazca ‘mummified aliens’ found in Peru real?
Has the lost fourth Pyramid of Giza been found?
Was this the biggest turtle ever walking the earth?
Is it true that the old Egyptians already used tobacco, cocaine and cannabis?
Is the mysterious Benben stone of extraterrestrial origin?
Is the Gympie pyramid evidence of an ancient lost civilization in australia?
Does the secret sealed door of the ancient Padmanabhaswamy temple house incredible treasures?
Is the ancient temple cave complex of Ellora been carved out of a mountain?
Did the prehistoric people used crystal weapons?
Did this 2,400-year-old yakhchals kept ice in the desert without electricity?
Are these weapens found in North America really 15,500 years old?
Is this the lost Atlantis library?
Did the Hopi indians lived together with the lizard people?
Is this really an old Egyptian board game?
Is there a mummified monk hidden inside this 1,000-year-old Buddha statue?
Did archaeologists found the burial place of Romulus : Rome’s founder?
Was the ancient city of Ipiutak built by a fair-haired race with blue eyes?
Did the Neanderthal buried their dead?
Did the last woolly mammoths had disastrous DNA?
Are these really ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in Australia?
Are these prehistoric wall carvings in a cave in northern Spain 15,000 years old?
Was there an advanced civilization in the South Pacific during the last ice age?
Did the ancient Egyptians used small clay coffins as a grave?