Counter Question
1Does NDE (near-death experience) really exists?
2Can humans really spontaneously combust?
3Does reincarnation exist?
4Did the first humans came from Africa?
5Is 99.0% of our DNA identical to that of everyone else in the world.
6Is 95% of the DNA in our genes exactly the same as a chimpanzee’s.
7Are Flatliners really conscious after death?
8Why do we have an appendix?
9Did captain Cook really discovered Australia?
10Was Walt Disney frozen after his death?
11Are we really awake under anesthesia?
12When we go into Space, does it crushes the delicate nerves in our eyeballs?
13Will they clone humans after sucessfully cloning apes.
14Is it true that David Bowie knew exactly the day of his death since the late seventies?
15Did the cheddar man really looked like this?
16Was King David truly a powerful King?
17Is this the oldest footprint ever found in the Americas and dates it back to 15600 years ago?
18Is this man's DNA the oldest DNA in North America?
19Did humans and neanderthals evolved from a mystery common ancestor?
20Does the pendulum know when two people are meant to be together?
21Do we have genetic material from a variety of ancient humans that no longer exist?
22The Old Testament tells how humanity was created by extraterrestrials using the genetic code of apes and Elohim. Is this really how we are created?
23Do humans have a soul?
24Do babies in stillbirth have a soul allready?
25Was Napoleon Bonaparte murdered?
26Do dreams really reveal our deepest secrets?
27Are our dance moves as unique as our fingerprint?
28Is this Siberian princess tattoo really 2,500 year old?
29Will Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston come together again?
30Can humans asorb the energy of others?
31Is the maximum age of a human really 125 years?
32Are these 50,000 year old footprints really from Neanderthals ?
33Is the earth our planet?
34Was Nikola Tesla the most brilliant human ever?
35Did the prehistoric people used crystal weapons?
36Did archaeologists found the burial place of Romulus : Rome’s founder?
37Did the Neanderthal buried their dead?
38Is a positive mind, a powerful mind?
39Is this 12,000-year-old elongated skull discovered in Asia really a human skull?
40Did archaeologists really found the remains of a 5,000-year-old ‘Birdman’ in Siberia?
41Does a human aura exist?
42Are the antelope spring footprints real footprints?
43Is it true that Ellen DeGeneres is very cold, sly, and demeaning?
44Is it true that Irish are not Celts?
45Will humanity still exist in a million years?
46Had Edward Mordake really a second face at the back of his head?
47Are there worldwide more adults in diapers than babies?
48Was Mansa Musa the wealthiest man who ever lived?
49Was the Paranthropus boisei an ancient human?
50Is Yuval Noah Harari correct with his book : Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind?
51Is it true that Bill Gates wants to use coronavirus vaccines to implant tracking devices?
52Is it true that our date and time of death is already set when we are born?
53Is it true that more humans are growing an extra artery in their arms?
54Is it possible to curse someone?
55Can someone be un-cursed?
56Are these prehistoric footprints of a woman carrying a toddler?
57Did whipping boys really exist?
58Did sin-eaters really existed?
59Was Mrs. Molly Moore the last knocker-upper?
60Was the pure finder one of the worst jobs in the Victorian era?
61Did workers in the matchstick industry in the 19th and early 20th centuries often have phossy jaw?
62Did we all evolve from one population of early humans?
63Did ancient Israelites burned cannabis as part of their religious rituals?
64Do our loved ones wait for us on the other side when we die?