Counter Question
1The Dancing Plague – did people really dance themselves to death?
2How often do we have to wash our hair?
3Can Young Blood Really Help Treat Alzheimer's?
4Is it true that just 1 Cup of Coffee a Week May Lower Risk of Stroke and Heart Failure?
5Is it true that electric cars don't interfere with heart implants?
6Is it true that for some, a bit of chocolate may help lower risk of heart problems?
7Is it true that sex can trigger cardiac arrest?
8Is there a link between heart problems and Alzheimer's?
9Is soy good for the heart?
10Can the naked mole-rat open new avenues for cancer prevention and life extension in humans?
11Is AIDS man-made?
12Are men really sicker then females when they have the flu?
13Can a tanning bed cause skincancer?
14Is cryotherapy healthy?
15Is raw water better for our health?
16Is there Radium in your tap water?
17Is switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes a healthier alternative?
18Is this experimental Japanese drug the secret to stopping the flu?
19What is worse for your brain — Alcohol or Marijuana?
20Which Is Really Worse for Your Health? Marijuana or Alcohol?
21Will the killer flu break out?
22Do crystals have healing power?
23Is it true that honey is as bad as sugar for your health?
24Is there a link between Parkinson and the appendix?
25Did the plague - black death - originated from China?
26Will the Wuhan pneunomia in China spread out over the world?
27Does red meat plays a vital role in diets?
28Is it true that tumeric and honey combined a very powerfull antibiotic is?
29Is cancer as old as the dinosaur ages?
30Is walking the best excercise for humans?
31Can we heal ourself by harnessing our mind?
32Is silence vital for our brain?
33Is it true that gingertea is killing cancercells?
34Can medical cannabis help?
35Could scientists 'hack' the Zika virus to kill brain cancer?
36Can you 'catch' cancer or obesity from other people?
37Is it true that more people die from sepsis than cancer?
38Will this newly discovered immune cell points to a universal cancer treatment?
39Is botox Poisonous?
40Does the pill influences women’s brains
41Will psilocybin treat MDD (major depressive disorder).
42Is incense more harmfull than cigarette smoke?
43Does cayenne pepper helps in hair growth?
44Does lemon helps in hair growth?
45Are bats the source of the coronavirus?
46Is it true that your lungs can repair themselves after you quit smoking?
47Is kombucha really good for your health?
48Was Rife correct when he stated that electrical frequencies kills cancer cells, viruses and bacteria?
49Is the new drug 'grey death' really extreme toxic?
50Is it true that signs of cancer can appear years before diagnosis?
51Does hyperbaric oxygen therapy really works?
52Are the pangolins the source of the Wuhan epidemic of COVID-19?
53Is corona deadlier than the Spanish flu?
54Will the lung function stay damaged after recovering from the corona virus?
55Has the coronavirus been mutated and has it become more infectuous?
56Are you immune after recovering from covid-19/corona?
57Taking malaria drug hydroxychloroquine daily, like president Trump, does it prevents covid-19 infection?
58Is caffeine bad for you?
59Will coconut oil help you to lose weigth?
60Are bioproducts healthier than conventional products?
61Is spelt really a superfood?
62Is it healthy to refreze thawed food?
63Is coffee healthy?
64Is black coffee better for your health than coffee with milk?
65Is there a mysterious inflammatory syndrome tied to COVID-19?
66Is it true that the blood type determines your COVID-19/corona risk
67Does 5G pose health risks?
68Is a vegan diet healthy?
69Is the paleolithic diet healthy?
70Is the Low-carbohydrate diet healthy?
71Is the ketogenic diet healthy?
72Is the Atkins diet healthy?
73Is the Dukan diet healthy?
74Is the HCG diet healthy?
75Does Reiki really works?
76Is the zone diet healthy?
77Is intermittent fasting healthy?
78Is chronic fatigue syndrome a possible long-term effect of Covid-19?
79Is the Body for life diet healthy?
80Is Pilates a healthy physical fitness system?
81Is Candida auris a worldwide deadly, drug-resistant fungus?
82Is alcohol healthy?
83Is cow milk healthy?
84Is there a link between vitamin D deficiency and corona/Covid-19?
85Is it true that places such as restaurants, fitness centers, cafes, and hotels carries the highest risk for transmitting corona/covid-19?
86Is it true that the Moderna Covid/Corona vaccine has 94% efficacy?