Counter Question
1Is the frilled shark species really more then 80 million years old?
2Is this polar bear suffering from the effects of Global Warming?
3Is this Greenland shark really 500 years old?
4Who was responsible for the cattle mutilation?
5Why does a zebra has stripes?
6Can dolphins really communicate with each other through a language?
7Do chameleons change their skin color to blend into their background?
8Are moths attracted to light?
9Does the climate change turn 99.8% of these sea turtle babies into girls?
10Is it true that microplastics pose major threat to whales and sharks?
11Will the little bush moa be brought back from extinction?
12Did a four legged whale ever existed?
13Is climate change really causing walruses to jump off cliffs?
14Will octopuses go blind as climate change sucks oxygen out of the ocean?
15Are there foxes living in Antarctica?
16Is a mysterious brain-eating killer the cause of the repeating stranding of sharks and rays in the San Francisco bay area?
17Do ants live off urine on dry Australian island?
18Are there animals that go extinct in the bushfires of Australia?
19Will scientists succeed in preserving the near-extinct northern white rhino ?
20Are birds still considered to be true dinosaurs?
21Do animals have souls like humans do?
22Did this mule really killed a mountain lion to protect his family?
23Is acid in the Pacific ocean eating away crabs' shells?
24Did this Siberian unicorn walked the earth with humans?
25Is it true that this cave salamander didn't move from the same spot for 7 years ?
26Did the dinosaurs go extinct 66 million years ago?
27Did a huge asteroid impact caused the mass dinosaur extinction 66 million years ago?
28Did scientists really “revived” the genes of mammoths?
29Was this the biggest turtle ever walking the earth?
30Did the last woolly mammoths had disastrous DNA?
31Is this really a 46,000-year-old bird, frozen in Siberian permafrost?
32Do dogs mourn the loss of an owner?
33Is this the head of a dinosaur preserved in amber?
34Is it true that there is a lot of laughing gas in penguin poo?
35Is the Tasmanian tiger really extinct?
36Is the giant tigerfish the deadliest fish in the Congo stream?
37Do these woolly mammoth cells show biological signs of life?
38Did they really found a perfectly preserved Ice Age cave bear in Arctic Russia?
39Is it true that a 62-year-old python at the St. Louis Zoo laid 7 eggs despite not being near a male for over 15 years?
40Is it true that pigeons use specific sound signatures of home to navigate?
41Is it true that the mystery elephant deaths are caused by cyanobacteria?
42Can dogs sniff out coronavirus in human sweat?
43Is it true that flamingos are naturally white?
44Is it true that all clownfish are born male?
45Is it true that the axolotl can regenerate its limbs?
46Is it true that gorillas can catch human colds and other illnesses?
47Is it true that ostriches can run faster than horses?
48Is it true that male ostriches roar like lions?
49Is it true that animals generate 30 times more waste than humans?
50Is it true that ants never sleep?
51Is it true that a black panther is really a black leopard?
52Is the dumbest dog in the world the Afghan hound?
53Is it true that hippos can run faster than humans?
54Is it true that a ducks quack does not echo?
55Is it true that adult fireflies do not need to eat to survive?
56Is the sailfish really the fastest swimmer of all fish?
57Is the Globlin shark a living fossil?
58Was the Titanis Walleri the largest terror bird ever on earth?
59Does the mysterious sound in the Mariana Trench comes from a whale?
60Does the giant squid feed on whales?
61Are octopuses aliens?
62Were dogs the first domesticated animals for humans?
63Are there still Asian giant hornets in the United States?
64Is it true that dinosaurs could swim?