Counter Question
1Is the Piri Reis World Map real or is it fake?
2Is the Voynich manuscript real of fake?
3Is the disc of Phaistos real of fake?
4Is Stonehenge real or fake?
5Did Atlantis exist?
6Is the aluminium wedge of Aiud true of fake?
7Is the massive Bosnian stone sphere from a lost civilization?
8Is this the oldest fossil ever found on earth?
9Will the Roman temple of Mithras align with the Sun on Jesus Birthday?
10Did ancient farmers in China transformed one of Earth's driest deserts into farmland more than 1700 years ago?
11Are the spider stones real?
12Is the asteroid collision theory which states that the impact of an asteroid led to the extinction of the dinosaurs, the truth?
13Did the Neanderthals resort to cannibalism due to Climate Change?
14Was There an Ancient Civilization in Antarctica?
15Were there ancient visitors from Africa in America?
16Is Yonaguni true or false?
17Did 4 ancient civilizations existed on our planet before the human race?
18Is this chariot with rider and horses really 2500 years old?
19Is this the largest underground city found in the world?
20Is this the oldest sake brewery in Japan?
21Is this cave-art really 10.000 years old?
22Is this really a Makara statue in Cambodia?
23Did the Australian fires reveal an ancient water system?
24Is the ancient city of Aleppo one of the oldest cities on the surface of the planet?
25Is the lost Anglo-Saxon abbey where Edgar the Peaceful was crowned 'the first King of all England' in 973AD unearthed in Bath?
26Are there never-before-seen viruses locked up in Tibetan glacier?
27Is this ancient Assyrian rock carving show a procession of Gods riding mythical animals?
28Is this clay tablet a 5,500-year-old Sumerian star map?
29Is this Lady of Mali statue in Africa really 12,000 year old?
30Is the London hammer really 400 million year old?
31Is this 7,000-year-old wooden construction the Oldest on Earth?
32Was Urukagina really from the 24th century before Christ?
33Was there a reptile race on earth that lived like humans?
34Are these Bosnian pyramids real?
35Is the Gympie pyramid evidence of an ancient lost civilization in australia?
36Is the ancient temple cave complex of Ellora been carved out of a mountain?
37Did this 2,400-year-old yakhchals kept ice in the desert without electricity?
38Is this the lost Atlantis library?
39Was the ancient city of Ipiutak build by a fair-haired race with blue eyes?
40Are these prehistoric wall carvings in a cave in northern Spain 15,000 years old?
41Was there an advanced civilization in the South Pacific during the last ice age?
42Have archeologists found a lost city in Turkey?
43Was the great wall of China build by the Chinese people?
44Did a drone found a lost tomb with 72 ancient skeletons from extinct Canary Islands civilization?
45Was there an ancient world-wide communication between the different people of those times?
46Is this the world’s oldest continually operating library, where lost languages have been found?
47Was there an Etruscan civilization before the Romans in Italy?
48Is the book of dead really the oldest book in the world?
49Is this really a 5,000-year-old chariot in India?
50Was in earth’s early history, a day 23.5 hours and a year 372 days?
51Was the hypogeum of Hal-Saflienian acoustic complex?
52Was the Marib dam an engineering wonder of the ancient world?
53Is Gobekli Tepe the oldest human construction?
54Are these megaliths the largest blocks of stone ever made on earth?
55Holds the Roseau Stone 200,000 year old writing?
56Did Heracleion sunk 10.000 years ago into the mediterranean sea?
57Are these Nomoli figurines discovered in Sierra Leone really 17000 years old?
58Was this house made of bones from the Woolly mammoth?
59Was the matrix of Sarmizegetusa Regia a piece of art?
60Are the cave paintings of Tassili n'Ajjer, Algeria really 20.000 years old?
61Is it true that they found 600 million year old fossils of tiny humanoids in Antarctica?
62Did Neanderthals discover America?
63Were menhirs positioned in place by ancient man?
64Was there an ancient bridge between India and Sri Lanka called Adams Bridge?
65Is it true that Antarctica’s ‘Football’ Fossil Is World’s Second-Biggest Egg?
66Is it true that the Dogus were made by a Neolithic people called the Jomon, who were the first persons on earth to make clay pottery?
67Did an earthquake caused sudden disuse of Canaanite wine palace?
68Has Atlantis Of The Sands – Iram Of The Pillars really existed?
69Is Domus de Janas really a necropolis?
70Was the Greek fire from the Byzantine Empire the same as a modern flamethrower?
71Was the Persian empire the largest empire ever in the world?